More than 1400 exhibitors will welcome you to the 28th edition of EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen. There will be new players and start-ups joining the perennial participants again this year in the familiar maze of exhibitor booths, and sometimes it can seem difficult to stay on top of everything. That’s why we’re providing you with a few tips this year on how to best structure your visit to the fair so that you don’t miss out on any important new products and innovations.

Set some goals

Having a successful visit to EUROBIKE naturally depends on what kind of objectives you set for yourself in Friedrichshafen. That’s why you should give a lot of thought in advance to what information you would like to receive and whom you would like to meet. Important events and lectures should also be part of your planning. To find how TWC can help you in this regard, check out our program.

Prepare a schedule

Put together a tentative schedule to help you meet your objectives. It will become quickly apparent that your time is limited. To avoid long wait times, it makes sense to arrange appointments in advance with exhibitors you definitely want to visit. With our supporter breakfasts and our tours, TWC offers you practical ways of getting a lot of information quickly and without long wait times. TWC supporters present their innovations at our breakfasts and answer questions from bloggers like you. On the Walk & Meet, we visit specially selected exhibitors who have awakened our curiosity with their fascinating products. The advantage for you is that you get put on the fast track to information for your work.

Plan your routes

Get an overview of EUROBIKE. You can find the current trade fair map here. It will help you tentatively plan the individual stops you’ll make during your visit. It’s not productive to spend a lot of time in the corridors sprinting from an appointment in hall A1 to the next one in hall B6. That’s why it’s best to schedule your appointments on any given day so that all your visits are concentrated in one area. Another tip is to start your visit in the early part of the day in the halls in the middle. The first visitors usually get hung up in the halls near the entrance and then slowly move on from there. If you concentrate on going precisely where others are not, you can stay away from the crowds – especially on a day open to the general public.

Learn to share

If you are visiting the fair with friends, clarify in advance where the informational focus should lie for each individual. If you have different interests, it is more effective to go your own ways and only meet up during breaks. If, on the other hand, your interests are roughly the same, it is worth making an appointment together in advance or exchanging information afterwards. That way you can get more done by dividing up your time wisely. Exhibitors are also grateful when they can save time and don’t have to repeat their pitches over and over again.

Make time to go cycling

Less time at the stands means more time for cycling. Use your free time for long test rides to get a feel for the bikes. In addition, we offer a guided tour in the evening on Thursday and a racing bike tour for the athletically inclined on Friday morning. You can find more information here. By the way: If you want to avoid traffic jams in the morning and evening, taking a relaxed trip to the fair on a bike is a great idea. Plenty of bike parking will be available.

Last but not least, there’s only one thing left for you to do: Write a report summing up your experiences at the trade fair. We’re looking forward to reading it!