Der Wriders' Club bringt Blogger rund ums Thema Fahrrad zusammen, macht sie als Gruppe sichtbar und bringt ihnen mehr Öffentlichkeit. Sein Kodex formuliert, was Leser von Bloggern erwarten dürfen. Dies gilt natürlich auch für einen professionellen Umgang zwischen Bloggern und Wirtschaft.

Neuste Beiträge der Blogger aus dem Wriders' Club:

Ettenheimer Hut – with friends and family (next level)

An Overnighter with 3 kids and 5 adults. Where to go? My friend Mathis searched for locations in between Basel and Karlsruhe and found a lovely hut with a good space for glamping in the black forest. Spot done! We decided to meet in Lahr for 14k ride in fact that we had little people […]

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Glamping overnighter – with Erik, Ellen and Little one

I’m happy to have this crazy friend Erik who got the idea to buy himself a tipi and a fitting stove. And go for an overnighter in Alsace. By bike. 5 kg of tipi and 10 kg of stove. Happy pedaling 😉 I picked Erik up and we had to go to an outdoor shop […]

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Le vélo dentelle de Lionel

Habiller un cadre de vélo avec de la dentelle? L’idée est de Lionel. Voici l’histoire de son vélo dentelle. Le Strasbourgeois Lionel Linck a toujours été cycliste. Un parcours peu classique. Formateur de mécanique vélo en prison. Restaurate…

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Happy New Year! Bernstein Overnighter

I decided with Erik to stay at the Bernstein for the new year, like two years ago, this time with the try to see the fireworks 😉 The weather forecast was fine, just a bit below zero degrees, no clouds. Investigation about the super market was quickly done and it was open until 16h. Bäm! […]

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Découpe laser sur cadre de vélo

La technique de la découpe laser appliquée à la fabrication de cadres de vélos ? Etudiant, Tobias Knockaert a voulu démontrer qu’il était possible de relancer la production de cadres de vélo hors Asie. Son idée ? Utiliser la découpe laser de mani…

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