About the club

The bike is an important means of transport. The bicycle is a popular leisure vehicle. The bicycle is a versatile item of sporting equipment. And last but by no means least, the bicycle is a fascinating piece of engineering design. No wonder then that it’s also the subject of a lively blogosphere. The Wriders’ Club (TWC for short) is joint initiative between Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH, in particular Eurobike, and pressedienst-fahrrad. It aims to generate more attention for you bloggers. It provides a platform to offer users and readers transparency, a place to make new contacts and to promote trust between the industry, media and bloggers.

However, TWC is also directed towards industry: while cooperation between the classic media (print, radio and TV) and the bicycle world has excellently coordinated and efficient structures, an equivalent set-up between the bike cosmos and bloggers is still largely absent. Like a software interface that enables a smooth flow of data between different programs, we, as TWC, want to create an effective standard between bloggers and the bike business.

With TWC, we want to offer a platform that lets companies and bloggers to work closely together. We want to help create stories for products, to connect the passion and enthusiasm of bloggers for products. We want bloggers to be able to tell the “stories” which companies place their products in.

We feel it’s important that you bloggers are seen as more than just annoying blogala hunters. We want to help show that you are knowledgeable industry insiders and that bloggers and the bike industry have lots of common interests and can benefit from each other. You bloggers have lots to say, so why not say it about products that you can take out with you on your next ride.

TWC is intended to help clarify expectations on both sides, answering questions such as “What do I have to do to receive test material?” and “What can I expect when I provide test material?”. This process optimization ensures that both sides are able to concentrate on the essentials (riding, reporting, producing).

Gone are the days when readers and users were unsure of how contents came about. Gone are the days in which individual bloggers kept having to explain their work or the scope of their coverage. And gone too are the days in which heads of marketing had to keep reassuring themselves of the professionalism, relevance and self-image of each individual blogger.

The Wriders’ Club Code is voluntary and free of charge. You only need to register once! See who has signed up already here.

A couple of words about the name: The Wriders’ Club is made up of the English verbs “to write” and “to ride”, which pretty much describes the enthusiasm behind the blogs: ride well and then go talk about it.