Every blogger is part of the (digital) public. This opens up many opportunities but also involves responsibility. This code is intended to help ensure transparency.

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Consider this code a voluntary self-imposed commitment for your blog. It is aimed to help you raise the quality of your blog and assure your readers or users that they are at the centre of your work.

The Wriders’ Club – Bloggers-Code


  1. I am part of the bike blogosphere. The conduct of each individual blogger affects the public perception of all bloggers. I am aware of this responsibility to my fellow bloggers and adopt a correspondingly transparent and professional approach to my readers and users, the bike industry and other possible partners.


  3. Credibility and authenticity are my greatest assets. Every evaluation, every verdict solely reflects my opinion and results from my experiencing and using the products or from taking part in events. They are therefore factual accounts, their subjectivity is an intended and defining quality attribute.

  5. I am open to cooperation with companies and brands, but they have no influence on my opinions. Cooperation does not mean that I become the extended arm of a marketing department, but that I save time and money in research, for example (and therefore have more time for biking):
    • Journalistic freedom remains unaffected by any kind of cooperation, support, invitations and the like.
    • In my blog, I shall clearly point out any form of cooperation (advertising, advertorials, sponsoring, prize competitions, fees and product tests) as such and shall name any clients (companies, event organizers, associations, etc.). This also includes contributions based on press releases.
    • The boundaries between research and support or cooperation may be fluid, and in case of doubt, I shall define the limits for my research work and expectations in advance. I agree clear and distinct targets and limits with the partners of any cooperation I enter into.
    • I am aware that the products provided lose value as a result of my tests. I therefore treat them with care and ensure that I have sufficient skill and suitable tools at my disposal for fitting, using, disassembling and packing these products. I am willing to make any corresponding purchases or receive training.


  7. I respect the applicable copyright and rights of individuals.


  9. The Internet thrives on hyperlinks; I shall therefore link useful sources, colleagues and other people’s blogs whenever possible.

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