What’s been said…

“I’ve just had a look at this and clicked on the “join in” button on the spur of the moment . I’m really excited about how this idea will be received in the community, and most of all, how the bike industry and the manufacturers will react to it. It’s a great chance to get a kind of overview of the bike blogs and to browse through the other entries. I wonder who else is going to be here. For me it goes without saying that we have a Blogger Code, so I’ve no problem putting my signature to that.”

Juliane Schumacher

Bloggerin, Radelmädchen

“Grab your clip board and check out the Blogger Code. If you’re a member in this club then you stick to the rules. And anyone who doesn’t, then it’s time for you to go.

The Wriders’ Club is a great basis for old and new bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers to publish their work in the Internet. It’s really a bit like the road traffic regulations, only easier. And if this results in a compendium of bike journalism, all the better – we’re going for it!”

Hans und Thomas Dorsch

Blogger, Fahrradio

“I think The Wriders’ Club is an excellent idea because, on the one hand, it brings the stake-holders from both sides closer together and, on the other, with the Blogger Code it ensures a quality that will make the commitment of us bloggers more visible and really bring it to life.

The fact that The Wriders’ Club has been initiated by two such organisations – Eurobike and Pressedienst-Fahrrad – which have a fantastic network in the bike business, certainly bears testimony to the seriousness and professionalism of the people involved.

It’s an honour for me be part of this and I’m happy to carry the responsibility of the Club’s Code.”

Alexander Theis

Blogger, Velostrom

From the point of view of Ortlieb, The Wriders’ Club is an absolute gain all round. For us as manufacturers, it not only makes the cooperation with bloggers more transparent and therefore more constructive, but it also awards the bloggers a higher sense of awareness within the bike industry. And last but not least, the readers also benefit from the transparency, high-quality contents and more insight.”

Peter Kühn

PR-Manager, Ortlieb

“Yesterday I had a quick glance at the Wriders’ Club! Then today I took the time to look at it more depth – because the idea had really been ‘bothering’ me  – SMILE!
I’m hooked and of course certainly on board! Just registered! Will be merging my blogs Auebiker and Radpatrioten and as I said, I’m convinced this is going to be a real milestone! Just brilliant!“


Blogger, Ein.Gang.Blick.

“Authenticity, topicality and enthusiasm are the core values of blogs that are run professionally and they are certainly the basis for any successful blogger. It is exactly these values that should have a high priority in the media coverage on the bike industry.

“The Wriders’ Club“  has created a platform, where the bloggers and the bike industry can exchange information and experience on closer terms and, in this way, let the readers into the secrets and exciting stories that are behind the products or the business.”

Felix Habke

Marketing & PR, my Boo